Welcome to our latest edition of the Latin Chamber Scholars Magazine. The purpose of this publication it to celebrate the giving of scholarships to deserving students and to tell the story of Latino people in the State of Nevada. The inspiration for the magazine came from my mentor, Tom Rodriguez, a longtime resident of Nevada and the author/historian of many books documenting the Latino experience in Nevada. About history and leaving a legacy, Tom said, “It is essential to document the good things we do, because in the end, as long as someone remembers you and the good that you did, you are never really gone.” All too often, we do not realize the importance of storytelling and the power it has to transform individuals and our society. In Spanish, storytelling often begins with someone asking the question, “De verdad que en aquel tiempo esto paso?” Translated the question asks, “Is it true that in those days that happened?”

And thus, begins the invitation for storytelling to begin.

As a child, I was and still am to this day, fascinated by the many stories told by our people. Some involved the adventures of Emiliano Zapata, the famous Mexican Revolutionary, or a story of about a young refugee braving hardships to come to America from Cuba, or how a poor immigrant rose from poverty and overcame adversity to achieve the American Dream. My belief is that many of these stories, and the heroes who lived them, have shaped our thinking and helped to make us who we are today. That is why it is so important to record our history, to celebrate our culture and traditions, and to work to inspire those around us. This magazine will attempt to do these three important things by publicizing the importance of providing scholarship assistance to the students we serve and highlighting the successes of the student we have helped. Thank you for joining us on this unique journey.